| 26 February 2024, Monday |

‎“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Monday, July 12, 2021‎

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Hariri is looking for a way out to apologize, and Berri is looking for an alternative exit
  • Maarab’s meeting between Geagea and Bukhari re-exports hope and confidence
  • Syria strikes transit and recruits its drivers for smuggling operations to Lebanese trucks

In principle, it is the governmental decision week. But in Lebanon, nothing is certain, especially since we are in the midst of an infernal equation that can be summed up as follows: The Lebanese are waiting for the birth of the government and are looking forward to Beit Al-Wasat for white or even black smoke to rise.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Hariri is looking to Cairo and waiting for a date from the Egyptian president to travel to Egypt to inform Sisi of his decision to apologize for not forming a government. What will the Egyptian president say to Hariri? Does he agree to apologise, so that ten months of the nation’s life have been wasted in strife and rebellions in which the value of the dollar rose from 7,000 pounds to about 20 thousand Lebanese pounds.

In parallel, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri searches for the successor to Hariri in the assignment process. Of course, it is not the aim of Berri to save the Republic from the specter of emptiness. When were our officials keen on the republic except with slogans, words and attitudes? Rather, his goal is to prevent the President of the Republic and his son-in-law from controlling the commissioning process. Once again, it’s a republic of jokes, no more, no less.

Judicially, all indications prove that the authority’s goal in delaying the lifting of immunities before the judicial investigator is to prevent access to the truth. And the last proof of this is what the Minister of Interior said in front of the families of the martyrs of the August 4th explosion that he will study with his legal team whether to give permission to lift the immunity of Major General Abbas Ibrahim or not. But it turned out that Muhammad Fahmy’s promise was not true. The file is in the custody of the Public Prosecutor of Cassation, and therefore Fahmy is no longer able to reconsider his decision.

What is this republic in which the Minister of the Interior openly misleads the media? Are countries built with delusions and republics progressing?

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