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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Tuesday 12 October 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Will the political interventions succeed in removing Judge Bitar?
  • Did the Minister of Economy gave his brother authority in the ministry?
  • Is the use of solar energy now prohibited or does it need regulation?

Finally, what was ambiguous, is now crystal clear. Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah put aside the relaxed face, confident smile and calm voice, to raise the voice and the famous finger, in the face of three: Judge Tariq Bitar, the Supreme Judicial Council, and the political authority represented by the President of the Republic, and the government. For the first time, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah almost lost his nerves. He could not believe that there is someone who disobeys his orders in the Lebanese Republic, which, in his view, is affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He sent the first security official in Hezbollah, Wafiq Safa, to the Palace of Justice in Beirut to convey a clear message to the concerned parties, that is “to wrap up the issue of the port bombing and do what is necessary to stop the investigator Tariq Al-Bitar”. But those concerned in the judiciary did not respond. Here, the Supreme Leader of the Lebanese Republic did not believe what happened. The accused deputies and the defendants completed the response cases, so the judge became the accused, and the investigator became the accused. Among the many legal response cases, the judicial investigator tried, and is still trying, to clarify the truth about the crime of the century.

And because Al-Bitar did not understand Hezbollah’s message, Nasrallah was forced yesterday to break all taboos and go beyond all limits. He attacked Judge Al-Bitar, issued rules and fatwas as if he were a judge, and he ended up asking the Judicial Council to stop Al-Bitar’s, as well as the Council of Ministers to take the lead, if the Supreme Ju0dicial Council did not respond to his request.

How can Hassan Nasrallah allow himself to bypass the independence of the judiciary? Who appointed him a judge above all judges? By what right and according to what law, Judge Al-Bitar was judged to be politicized and discretionary?

Despite all these dangerous accusations against a judge, we have not yet heard a single word, neither from the President of the Republic, nor from the Prime Minister, nor from the Minister of Justice.

Gentlemen! Is this the Lebanon we know? Are these the institutions that you are responsible of? Is it permissible to manage the affairs of the country by surrender and negligence? Are you entrusted with the force of law, or are you subject to the law of force?

  • Sawt Beirut International