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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Wednesday, December 15, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • A new American slap to Hezbollah… The Hassan loan documents reveal secrets
  • Aoun throws the cause of the crisis at others… Dukan excludes him and the Aounists from his meetings
  • Paying the financial card dues in early March.. Is this an introduction to electoral bribery?

What do the presidents do in Lebanon? What is meant by presidents here are Michel Aoun, Nabih Berri and Najib Mikati. Those who listen to them believe that they are free from every shortcoming or error, and that they are victims of the constitution, just like ordinary people.

The President of the Republic, for example, speaks, with a kind of heartbreak about the five years of his convent, considering that the “others” did not facilitate his reform mission. But who are those “others”? Aren’t they who brought him to the presidency? The Speaker of Parliament also holds, in one way or another, others, specifically the President of the Republic’s team, responsible for what happened, and he said today in front of the Editors Syndicate delegation that he is ready to walk up to Baabda Palace when he feels that there is a positive atmosphere with the President to solve the accumulated problems.

Does anyone believe that Berri has also become a mere victim? Does anyone believe that Berri has also become a mere victim? And between the President of the Republic and the president of Parliament, the Prime Minister is lost. He is responsible for inviting the government to meet, but he does not want or does not dare to invite it.

He is the custodian of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, but he does not do much in this regard. He is the one who should take care of holding the parliamentary elections on their constitutional date, but so far there are no practical measures. So we are in the midst of the crisis, and the main cause of the crisis is those who, in logic and principle, must solve the crises of the homeland. How do problem solvers turn into a major source of crises?

Is the problem with them or with the system? Or even beyond the system? The answer is for the coming days and developments. What is sure that ruling with three presidents is the sign of failure. How is it then if above these 3 lays a fourth authority, which is Hezbollah?

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