| 29 September 2022, Thursday |

In SBI’s News Bulletin: Bahaa Hariri says, “I intend to run in the forthcoming parliamentary elections”

The Arab and international communities said their word very clearly and in loud voice. They said that Lebanon cannot continue adopting the policy of burying its head in the sand, and that it is required to abide by the resolutions of Arab and international legitimacy.

But is Lebanon actually capable of that? In principle, yes, if the political decision is available at the highest level of references in the country. The problem here is specifically with the President of the Republic and his political team. Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib, for instance, went to Kuwait, not to explain Lebanon’s point of view, but rather to give justifications for keeping weapons in the hands of Hezbollah. This is normal, because Bou Habib is just implementing the President’s decision, and he who was appointed in this position as a reward for his absolute loyalty to Michel Aoun.

How can someone who reach in this way to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have the freedom to act and decide? Wouldn’t he be just a docile tool in the hands of the President of the Republic, but even in the hands of the Free Patriotic Movement and its leader? While Bou Habib was in Kuwait putting himself and his diplomatic competence at the service of Hezbollah’s policy, Gebran Bassil was in Beirut completing his desperate defense for the ‘Yellow Party’, as he considered in a press interview that the party’s weapon has a specific function, which is to defend Lebanon and its sovereignty.

Who is Bassil laughing at? Will defending Lebanon happens by fighting wars in Syria, Iraq and even Yemen? Does defending Lebanon require building terrorist networks in Kuwait, Bahrain and other Gulf states? Does defending Lebanon require exporting thousands of kilograms of Captagon pills to the world?

Mr. Bassil, try to talk about things frankly. You are unable to get rid of Hezbollah’s control over you for a thousand reasons. You can see your electoral and political interest with the party after the dramatic decline in the popularity of your movement in the Christian community.

Therefore, don’t continue lying at us, and always remember that the ‘rope of lies is short’!

  • Sawt Beirut International