| 4 October 2022, Tuesday |

In today’s news bulletin.. Frost sweep Lebanese regions and snow blocks most of the roads 

The snow has melted. Of course, the snow that is meant here is not the natural snow that falls profusely on Lebanon these days. Natural snow is white, clear, and suggests transparency and cleanliness. As for the “politicians’ snow”, it is black and filthy, full of superstitions, lies and “combinations”. The black snow for politicians these days is represented in their insinuation that they want the parliamentary elections, as long as it is legal.

But the truth is entirely somewhere else. The organization’s staff took advantage of Saad Hariri’s decision to suspend his work and his party’s work,  to suggest to people that they are starting to think about postponing the parliamentary elections, given that the lack of participation of the Blue Movement in the elections undermines the charter.

But what charter is the pillars of the system talking about? The charter is struck when an entire sect does not participate in the elections, not when a particular party decides not to participate in them. The charter is undermined when an entire sect does not participate in the elections, not when a particular party decides not to participate.

The Sunni sect is replete with faces, personalities, and forces, and therefore it is forbidden to limit it to a specific party or a certain current. More than that, the Sunni sect is a sect of moderation and pluralism. It does not believe in unilateral leadership, but rather in diversity. Only in one stage was there a unilateral leadership, that of the martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri. But Rafik Hariri is a phenomenon that does not recur easily and may not be repeated, whether at the Sunni level or even at the Lebanese level. Therefore, saying that the Sunnis in Lebanon are limited to one political party or one current is a big lie. Politicians know this very well, but as usual, they flip the facts in order to be able to pass the decision they really want, which is to postpone the parliamentary elections.

Therefore, the Lebanese, are required to be aware of the dangers of what the ruling class is planning for, and to rise up against its conspiracy, under one united slogan: “Parliamentary elections must take place on time, whatever the cost!”

  • Sawt Beirut International