| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

In today’s news bulletin: How did Hezbollah respond to the Kuwaiti paper?

Look at the farce of the Lebanese state.

The Kuwaiti foreign minister came with a clear and specific mission to rescue Lebanon and return it to the right and logic path, regionally and internationally, however, the concerned officials did not show the required enthusiasm. It is true that they welcomed the Kuwaiti foreign minister, smiled in front of the cameras and expressed all good intentions, but behind the scenes matters were different.

The Lebanese officials feared the situation, and didn’t like the Kuwaiti paper. In depth, they prefer that the situation remain as it is, because they are accustomed to being like an ostrich, which means putting their heads in the sand instead of facing difficult facts, mainly the facts related to Hezbollah and the problems it raises at all levels.

This is how officials received the paper, promising an answer that will likely come before the end of the week, through the Lebanese Foreign Minister, who is participating in the consultative meeting of the Arab Foreign Ministers Conference.

The problem is not here, but in Hezbollah who did not wait for the official Lebanese to answer but rather responded in the southern town of Ramyeh. The ‘Yellow Party’ mobilized its supporters in this town against UNIFIL. This attack is the third of its kind against international forces within a month, after two attacks on two patrols in Qana and Shaqra.

Hezbollah’s response to the Kuwaiti paper that stipulates the implementation of international legitimacy resolutions, at the forefront of which is Resolution 1559 and Resolution 1701, is crystal clear.

Is it necessary yet to wait for the official Lebanese response until next Saturday?

  • Sawt Beirut International