| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

In today’s news bulletin: Who is the thug, Nabih Berri or Gebran Bassil?

– Massive reception for the Cedars national team champions after winning the Arab Basketball Cup
– Next May, people seek change and parties cling to power
– The security of the elections is at stake. Will chaos be the last card to overthrow it?

Once again, the Free Patriotic Movement and its leader prove that they are kings of demagogy, populism and lying to people, specifically to partisans and supporters. During the previous elections, four years ago, Gebran Bassil claimed that he is the hero of Christians’ rights, and that his mission, if he enters the parliament, is to preserve the rights of Christians. Based on this false theory, he called Nabih Berri a thug. This reflected positively on his electoral campaign, as many Christians supported him, considering that he would save them from the dominance of Amal movement in public administrations, and from its often squandering public money. But Gebran Bassil was no better than Nabih Berri. He was also no more than a thug, whether in the Ministry of Energy, or in most of the public administrations or ministries he took over. But the problem this time is that Gebran Bassil and the movement are unable to target the Amal movement and its leader, Nabih Berri. They need his voices and the voices of his movement. So the solution was through shooting at the governor of Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh. It is amazing how things change! Did Gebran Bassil forget that political officials bear the responsibility for the financial collapse, at least as much as the governor of Banque du Liban? So why laugh at people, as strength does not last forever, So, is there anyone still asking why did Lebanon collapse?