| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

In today’s news bulletin… Who the US treasury sanctioned today?

President Michel Aoun is the master of surprises. He surprises the Lebanese people single day to make them forget the previous one. His last surprise was his refusal, in his speech before the diplomatic corps, to turn Lebanon into a “mailbox”. Beautiful words… Bright slogan! The only problem was that Aoun didn’t mention which country and axis are turning Lebanon into a mailbox! Of course, Aoun didn’t name to the axis he’s referring to, as he does not want to hurt the feelings of his ally, Hezbollah, and the feelings of those who stir up his ally, i.e. the Iranian Republic.

It was the Wali al-Faqih republic that transformed Lebanon into a mailbox, and made it an open arena for conflicts. And let however denies the matter to review what happened in 2006. At that time, Israel launched a fierce war against Lebanon, because Hassan Nasrallah, as he admitted, didn’t know that kidnapping Israeli soldiers would lead to a devastating war that destroyed many elements of the Lebanese steadiness.

Another surprise in Aoun’s speech was his criticism of some parties that ignored coordination with state institutions and dealt directly with associations and groups, working to invest financial and humanitarian support under ambiguous slogans before parliamentary elections.

Of course, his words are dangerous, and it amounts to an accusation against some countries that are behind the financing of some civil society associations. Is what Aoun says to strike the election results before they happen? Is questioning its financial integrity from now on an inevitable prelude to challenging its results at a later stage, especially if the Free Patriotic Movement did not succeed and acquire the largest Christian parliamentary bloc? It’s a legitimate question.

However, would it not have been better for Aoun, instead of his interest in the elections, to ask why donors refuse to coordinate with the state and prefer to deal directly with some civil society associations? The answer is simple: because donors lost their confidence in the Lebanese state and its institutions during the era of Michel Aoun! Congratulations to us with such a state and with such officials!

  • Sawt Beirut International