| 24 April 2024, Wednesday |

In today’s SBI News Bulletin: Bahaa Hariri to Al-hurra TV, “The disintegration of the Sunni sect is forbidden”

Hezbollah persists its coup against the state!

Hezbollah continues its destructive approach through a comprehensive coup against what remains of the Lebanese state. The coup currently has two titles: the general budget and the Bahraini opposition conference.

Exactly two days after the announcement of Mikati’s government by its Minister of Information that the budget had been approved, Hezbollah, through its deputy Secretary-General and a number of its ministers, decided to surprise the Lebanese by saying that the budget was not approved by the Council of Ministers!

Naim Qassem confirmed that the method of approving the budget in the Cabinet was illegal and violates the constitution. Qassem was supported by Ministers of Culture Mohammed Murtada and Public Works Ali Hamieh. If this was true, why did the two ministers wait more than 48 hours to announce their objection? Why did they not announce their clear position immediately after the session and before they left the Republican Palace? So, it’s all a silly show.

The real story is that the party realized the level of popular rejection to the budget and turned against it at the last moment, just as it turned against the entire government!, which is not surprising, as his entire performance is a revolutionary performance par excellence.

A second coup implemented by the party is revealed in its insistence on holding two conferences for the Bahraini opposition in the Southern suburb of Beirut. In other words, Hezbollah does not care about everything that senior officials in the Lebanese state say about the necessity of strengthening Lebanon’s relations with Arab countries in general and the Gulf states in particular.

His first and last concern is to serve Iranian politics and the Islamic Republic of Iran, even at the expense of Lebanon, the Lebanese, stability, and future.

How will Mikati and his government face Hezbollah’s coup against the government and the state? Is it permissible for a party to control Lebanon while another country is controlling this party remotely? In short, Hezbollah, by its coup against the state, has placed Lebanon under Iranian occupation. So, when is the salvation?

  • Sawt Beirut International