| 27 May 2024, Monday |

May 15, 2022: Beginning of Change!

Why did the former heads of government’s club decide to refrain from participating in the elections? A simple and straightforward question, but the answer is very complicated. First, it should be said, that the answers given by the four heads of government are not very convincing. As no one believes that there are officials in Lebanon, who voluntarily give up any kind of authority. This has never been the customs of Lebanese politicians. Therefore, the talk of former Prime Ministers regarding paving the way for young people, and the importance of change, are talks for media consumption only, and does not at all express the truth and reality. Where is the truth then? So, It has become certain that Saad Hariri, Fouad Sanioura, Najib Mikati and Tammam Salam, know the pulse of the ground, as they also know as well the national and regional wind direction. And what is also Certain, that the two impulses converge on one basic thing: there is no possibility of change under such a system. For more than thirty years, and this system has been stealing people’s fatigue, sucking their blood, until the largest part of the Lebanese people have fallen below the poverty line. Therefore, there is no hope for the current system, to be the solution, or that the solution will be done by it. Have the members of the Heads of Government Club realized the black truth before others? Hopefully May 15, 2022 elections, will constitute the truth of the beginning of change.

  • Sawt Beirut International