| 21 September 2021, Tuesday |

News bulletin 6/3/2021

In today’s news bulletin:

A sprinkling of statements and accusations of obstruction between Baabda and Al-Wasat. Who is hindering the birth of the government?

The siege is tightening around the necks, bread ,fuel, and hospitalization is in danger, and an explosion is imminent

The academic year and the educational sector are blown away by the unknown, the confusion and the inability to take a decision.

Indolence in the matter of scrutiny must be subject to the harshest types of investigation, The auditing intended here relates to the accounts of the Banque du Liban and the accounts of the ministries, councils and official funds, Which turned out to be “ an entertainment” for waste, deals and embezzlement.

On the twenty-first of last December, the Council of Ministers approved a law stipulating the suspension of banking secrecy for a year, in order to clear the way for the launch of the criminal audit process in the state’s departments and institutions, On that day, the deputies were filled with  with pride and raised their foreheads, proud of what they had done, considering that they had achieved a historic achievement at record speed, Today, after two and a half months, it becomes clear to everyone that the supposed achievement was nothing more than a legitimate parliamentary lie, and that it is still ink on paper.

The year seems to pass, and auditing has not been required for any company and has not yet started, and the matter is not surprising, because the political system has not approved this law except to gain time and ease the tension of the street. The fact is, it does not want scrutiny, as how can the officials and the blocs scrutinize what they stole from the state treasury and what they have done against the people? And because the  thieves cannot be the protectors , therefore this corrupt political class cannot be the one supervising the investigation. Ordinary thieves are not entrusted with anything, so how if these official thieves plundered the state and impoverished the people.