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News bulletin 8/3/2021

Between the anger of the street and the intransigence of the corrupt system, Lebanon faces two scenarios, and the picture appears soon

On International Women’s Day, the Lebanese woman is the beating heart and fuel of the revolution

– Officials in Lebanon are watching and striving to secure Syrian interests at the expense of the Lebanese

The anger returns to the street, the tragic state that the Lebanese reached, pushed them to take to the squares again and to raise their voice against a corrupt political system that ruled and controlled, stolen and looted, until the people impoverished and the treasury bankrupted. In form, the movement was remarkable, it has been a while since  the regions, streets and squares meet in a unified scene, until some believed that the revolution had died out and that the street calmed down and settled, what happened today on the ground dispelled the prevailing belief and proved that the revolution continues and will not end before the country’s abnormal situation is over.

On the other hand, the failed and tyrannical authority continues the policy of denial and burying the head in the sand, as it did not admit its fatal mistakes as if it had not learned any lesson from the seventeenth of October 2019 until today, The biggest example of the state of denial is the statement issued by Baabda Palace today, which considered that blocking roads goes beyond expressing an opinion to an organized act of sabotage aimed at striking stability, and this description is very dangerous because it gives the security services the right to open roads by force, And this is what was mentioned in the last clause of the statement, where he asked the security and military apparatus to open the roads, so has the problem become in the opening of the roads? Doesn’t the officials who met today in Baabda, headed by the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister-designate, realize that the real act of sabotage lies in the functioning of the system and  the authority indifference of people’s groaning and pain, Why did they not listen to what the army commander said, when he declared clearly and frankly that he had warned officials more than once about the seriousness of the situation and the possibility of its explosion