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News bulletin 9/3/2021

Street anger continues, and the authority responds by ignoring the reality of the crisis

The authority met without a constitutional framework, is the application of the law a point of view?

In light of collapse and bankruptcy, is it possible to talk about an increase in wages?

Monday of anger continued on Tuesday, and it does not seem that it will end soon. The anger continues and escalates, especially as the authority uses all illegal and twisted methods in order to put an end to the revolution and intimidate the revolutionaries. The last innovation of authority The meeting that took place yesterday in Baabda, the President of the Republic called the head of the caretaker government, a number of ministers, security, judicial and economic officials to an unprecedented meeting, but rather, it is a strange, strange meeting that has no specific identity nor a legal framework for it, as it is neither a cabinet, nor a supreme defense council, nor even a central security council, yet the meeting ended with an official statement read by the advisor to the president of the republic. Decisions were issued suggesting that the meeting decided to prevent the blocking of the roads, which would lead to a severe blow to the revolution and the revolutionaries, but the aforementioned strike backfired on its owners, specifically on the presidents of the republic and the government. How can a body without an official and legal status make official decisions? And how does the first two entrusted with implementing the constitution and laws in Lebanon, namely the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister, accept active participation in violating the constitution and striking the law?

To this extent, our institutions have been transformed into farms, our laws are a point of view, and our constitution is ink on paper? We know for a long time that our officials are not responsible for souls, but what we discovered between yesterday and today is that they are not responsible for Constitutional text either.

Can homelands be built by mere irresponsibility?

Can nations be built by men that meet the ( the thieves and the protectors.)