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News Bulletin – July 13, 2021

In tonight’s news bulletin:

  • The European Union has challenged today all those implicated in the obstruction…
  • Riyadh is avoiding the Center House. Has Saad Hariri’s mission in Saudi Arabia come to an end?
  • Unfortunately, there is no way out of the resort to wax, since Lebanon’s Electricity has devoured the $200 million advance within only two months.

The situation in Lebanon cannot continue to be as it is. During an inspection tour of the Beirut Port, French Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade and Economic Attractiveness, Franck Riester, said that officials who impede the formation of the government will be subject to sanctions. The administration, on the other hand, continues to delay. After nine months and ten days in actuality, the designated-Prime Minister was finally convinced of the dreadful truth, prompting him to repent for failing to form a cabinet.

Basically, the decision is taken. However, Saad Hariri won’t be revealing it until his visit to Egypt tomorrow, where he will meet the Egyptian President and keep him in the loop of the apology. Will Al-Sissi be convinced of Hariri’s decision, or will he convince him in one way or another to postpone his decision, which he has already adjourned countless times? Most likely, Hariri is insisting on his decision this time. He realized, perhaps too late, that the President of the Republic and his son-in-law, the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, won’t give up before he does and that they were prepared to keep the country without a government until the end of the era, just like the proverb says: “We shall all be in the same boat”.

Furthermore, Hariri recognizes that the issue is not limited to Aoun, because has been obviously isolated on both the Arab and International levels. Other nations, with the exception of Egypt and Russia, have lost interest in him establishing a government and have concluded that he will be unable to do so as long as Aoun holds the Presidency.

As a result, the apology will be delivered by the end of the week. Will Hariri’s replacement be able to form a cabinet, or will the period of paralysis continue, allowing the caretaker government to bounce back in order to switch into an electoral government?

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