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News Bulletin – Monday, July 26th, 2021

A brief of tonight’s News Bulletin:

  • Seventy-two deputies have chosen Mikati: First step accomplished! What about the formation process?
  • The blocking third and the Ministry of Interior have concluded the contract, but Bassil finds comfort in Aoun’s signature.
  • Following fuel and drugs, willbread bundles be offered on the black market bazaar?

Mikati was offered the role. What comes next? Is he capable of it, or will he repeat what happened with Saad Hariri and reach the same conclusion? In both cases, the assignment condemns the corrupt political class, because the assignment of a a figure such as Najib Mikati is a stab to people, especially citizens who took-to-the-streets on October 17th, protesting over a state of corruption, and the corrupt himself.

What message are the Members of the Parliament who named Najib Mikati trying to convey? Aren’t they claiming, through Mikati’s designation, that the people’s revolution has failed and that they will never give up on fighting against shares and power, no matter what the cost?

The situation appears to be getting worse in terms of the formation process. Assuming Mikati was successful in forming a cabinet, how would Saad Hariri explain his 9-month inability to do so? Is it because he doesn’t get along with the President of the Republic, or is it just that he won’t meet with Gebran Bassil for the rest of his term? Or is it because Saudi Arabia refuses to mention his name, even when discussing the situation in Lebanon?

In the event that the forming process is successful, this will show that Hariri squandered 9 months of Lebanon’s life, exacerbated the economic and social catastrophe, and drove the country to the brink of collapse with his erratic and incoherent performance and endless visits abroad. What is this political class that seems to remain always and forever in power? Such leadership belongs in prisons rather than palaces, but when will we witness a moment of Justice?


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