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News Bulletin – Monday, July 5th, 2021

A brief of tonight’s News Bulletin:

  • Has Hariri settled his apology for the formation after intense talks and contacts?
  • Will the Swiss judiciary put an end to Riad Salameh’s ruling?
  • Lebanon lacks medicine, imports have been halted till further notice, and the limited supply will run out by the end of July.

There is total breakdown and chaos in the republic, and everything that occurs is the natural result of a single core source: The state is on the verge of collapsing. The heroes of the collapse have been identified and exposed, as have the system’s pillars, who offer everything for sale, with the first item on the market being the country’s boundaries and the state’s sovereignty over its lands.

The Army Command’s daily announcements about foiling Lebanese and Syrian citizens from smuggling fuel, diesel, bread, cigarettes and a variety of other items from Lebanon to Syria are the most visible evidence of this. Not to mention the actual smuggling that goes on behind closed doors and is never disclosed. Smuggling will never end without a clear and unequivocal Lebanese political decision imposing a ban on smuggling operations, backed by Syrian approval. Unfortunately, it is pretty apparent that there is no Lebanese decision in this regard. None of the pillars of our authority or system are willing to provoke the neighborly country, especially after they flocked to the Syrian Embassy building in Hazmieh, and after some of them went to Syria secretly to renew their pledge of allegiance to the Syrian regime’s Leader, Bashar Al Assad. We’re dealing with officials that put the interests of a foreign country ahead of their own.

They are aware that the mandatory reserve is nearly depleted as a result of smuggling most of the subsidized materials to Syria, but they are willing to sacrifice the Lebanese people’s money and savings, the majority of which they stole, in order to avoid taking a stand in front of Syrian officials by informing them that they must assist the Lebanese authorities in combating smuggling. Where did our money go, and how did our savings vanish?

Syria dominated Lebanon during the war, controlling its decisions and plundering its money in front of the world’s eyes. Today, history repeats itself, but this time in a veiled and subtle manner, i.e. in a peaceful way. What is this alleged sister’s objective in life, if not to rob its brother? What, instead, is this archaic system that survives exclusively via the use of other people’s money?

  • Sawt Beirut International