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News Bulletin – Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Monday’s date in Baabda has been cancelled, so did the Mikati government evaporate?
  • Raising subsidies a knockdown to agriculture, when will the peasants revolt?
  • What was Israel’s message by revealing the huge network of Hezbollah tunnels?

Mikati’s appointment on Monday at Baabda Palace was cancelled, so the formation of the government will be delayed until further notice. It is the bitter truth that has emerged today, and according to Sawt Beirut International” information, the President of the republic is very upset with the Prime Minister-designate and considers him responsible in collusion with Prime Minister Saad Hariri for the statement. On the other hand, the Prime Minister-designate is upset with President Aoun’s team because he called for holding a session for the resigned government and considered it an attempt to circumvent him and his role.

So we are in the middle of a critical situation again, in return to the bad relationship between Presidents Aoun and Hariri, and accordingly, all the optimistic words that Mikati said in front of the Republican Palace fell, but the impasse is not related to the people of the system but to the people. Even in time of war, the situation was better, the state of misery we live in, we have not seen before, no electricity, no generators, no medicines, no hospitals, no schools or universities, no shops, no restaurants, no hotels, it is the darkest time in the history of Lebanon, everything is extinguished before our eyes until hope no longer exists, so what is this strong covenant in which nothing was delivered and no sector remained steadfast?

President Aoun, admit the bitter truth. Tell your people that you failed to lead the ship for many reasons, and resign so that history would record one good thing for your strong covenant. Or you’re not even strong for resignation?

  • Sawt Beirut International