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News Bulletin – Saturday, July 17, 2021

A brief of tonight’s News Bulletin:

  • Paris concludes: “Sanctions are on the way, and we have not abandoned the Lebanese.”
  • The Foreign Ministry begs for cash from their missions around the world in the era of the strong covenant.
  • The majority of Syrian workers in the Construction Field have departed, now will the Lebanese work in the workshops?

Hariri apologized, thus abandoned the government formation responsibility. In principle, the President of the Republic is not in a hurry to conduct parliamentary consultations for two reasons. The first is the blessed Eid al-Adha, as the country enters from Tuesday on a three-day holiday ending on Friday. The second reason is that Aoun prefers conducting direct and indirect negotiations before setting the date for official consultations, in order to inspect the political parties’ attitude regarding Hariri’s substitution. Therefore, no cabinet negotiations are to be expected before the end of the present week or next week. How will the political forces act with the following entitlement?

According to sources, Aoun and his political team would face difficulties in the assignment process since Hariri set a limit that none of the Sunni figures nominated for the third presidency will be able to surpass. Former Prime Ministers were present at a meeting held in the Center House yesterday, including Faysal Karami, a member of the eighth of March party. Even the latter will refuse to accept the formation in order to stay true to his sect’s choice and avoid becoming Hassan Diab Number 2. Is this to say that we’ve gone from one crisis to the next and that the government’s stubbornness will continue indefinitely?

Unfortunately, these are the two most likely scenarios. Prepare yourself, Lebanese, for the worst days ahead, and for the national day of mourning on August 4th, when you will be mourning for a country whose leaders have fired the flames of their hate, failure, and corruption.

  • Sawt Beirut International