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News Bulletin – Sunday, July 18, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • The system hides behind weak immunity to escape the probe, and is terrified by forensic audit
  • Where is Lebanon on the global map of AIDS, did Covid-19 contribute to reducing infections?
  • Selecting Lebanon’s representative in swimming in the Olympic Games raises great controversy and skepticism

The authority is in a place and citizens are totally in another place. The dollar continues to skyrocket hovering around 22,000 LBP, while the political parties are still reeling from the effects of their futile battles, which have only led to more destruction.

The covenant that emerged as a champion in the government battle and won a round against Saad Hariri is facing a challenge of another kind. He wants to win the country’s battle which is mainly the economic and social situation.

The country is on the verge of collapse, so what can the covenant do? In principle, the covenant is unable to make any achievement, and his impotence will increase day after another. This covenant in particular is one of the main causes of the problem. The President of the Republic’s alignment with Hezbollah and his commitment to its strategic choices have damaged Lebanon’s relations with the Arab countries, and exposed Lebanon to an economic siege for which the Lebanese are paying its cost dearly.

What does President Aoun have to face the deteriorating economic situation? Will he dare, for instance, to break his close alliance with Hezbollah and be freed from Iran? Does the President of the Republic dare to condemn what the party is doing in some Arab countries and the abuse it inflicts on Lebanon’s relations with its brothers?

Regarding reforms, it has been proven that the covenant is unable to achieve the reforms demanded by the international community. It is enough to mention that the covenant does not want, an effective government of specialists, as per the international community’s request, but rather it returned in forming the government to the concept of quotas and the distribution of portfolios and gains.

We are in a great and deep dilemma, so do we have to wait for the end of the covenant in order to begin the process of salvation from the fire of Hell?

  • Sawt Beirut International