| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

“Sawt Beirut International” bulletin for Friday, April 30, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

– Capital Control does not satisfy anyone, so what is required from the passage of this law?

– Lebanon has been in a dramatic decline since 2016 in terms of freedom of expression and has recorded massive violations, so who is responsible?

The crisis of dollar scarcity ravages various sectors, and garbage may decorate the capital soon.

We have not yet reached the stage of forming the government, and it is not surprising that we will not reach this stage during the era of President Michel Aoun. This is what an influential figure working on the line of composition, said to “Voice of Beirut International”, who wished not to be named so that it could continue its efforts in terms of forming the government.  The whole politician situation proves what this character said.

The engines of  forming mechanism  have almost stopped working, and Prime Minister Hariri’s return to Beirut did not change anything in the political scene, and there is no more heat on the Baabda – House of Center line. Moreover, those who met the Prime Minister-designate in the last hours noticed that Hariri was living in a state of frustration at what the situation had reached, as he became aware that the delay in the formation process had begun to affect his status on the street, especially since many hold him partly responsible for the deteriorating conditions.

In parallel, MP Gebran Bassil ended his visit to Moscow, which was just a visit for showoff . Basil did not succeed in his endeavor to hold a joint press conference with the Russian Foreign Minister, as the Russians did not want to exaggerate in their hospitality for Bassil, and they also did not want to give him the image of the foreign minister. As for the content, the information indicates that the Russians informed Bassil diplomatically that they are holding him the greatest responsibility for not forming a government yet, and that this matter is rejected by them because it will completely eliminate the Lebanese state and any hope of revitalizing the economy.

In Europe, the sanctions are far away because there is no possibility to achieve a consensus regarding it, and this is what prompted France to start seriously considering imposing French sanctions on those who obstruct the formation of the government and those accused of corruption. Will the French and American sanctions continue to besiege the corrupt political class and create conditions for the possibility of getting rid of them at a later stage? Or will the corrupt political system remain stronger than any blockade?