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Sawt Beirut International news bulletin 16-3-2021

In tonight’s news bulletin:
•A leaked security document warns of riots in the streets. Could the situation deteriorate toward an armed confrontation?
•Talks about segregation; federalism is the headline. Is this theory viable?
•Beirut Port reconstruction plan on Baabda Palace’s discussion table, is the execution deadline approaching?
•Once again, irrational rhetoric takes over. And once again corruption reigns supreme over the state of law and authorities. This can be reverted to what happened under the Parliament’s dome today. Parliaments around the world exist for the sole two reasons of legislation is one and questioning and accountability the second. Sadly the Lebanese Parliament doesn’t question nor hold any side accountable. However it sticks to the legislations of emergency, ones that only serve the executive branch. All of that either to justify its incompetence and overlook its failure or to turn the blind eye to the nepotism and clientelism.
•Today an advance to EDL has been approved without any parliamentary questioning or accountability. The electricity sector has so far cost us around $50 billion dollars and those in charge of the sector still insist on draining the state funds one advance at a time.
•Don’t the MPs feel the moral obligations to at least question past and present energy ministers where was the money squandered, bearing in mind that it constitutes more than half of our national debt? All of that before even considering confiscating the Lebanese’s savings. Are those MPs aware that the Chinese government provided its citizens 24 hours a day electricity at the cost of $16 billion and that Egypt did the same for around $7 billion? While our consecutive Cabinets spent more than $50 billion with no tangible results and that they approved the advance without knowing how much reserve BDL has. Bearing in mind that both reserves and non-reserves belong to the Lebanese citizens, those same people currently begging for their money at the bank doors after losing their life savings.
•We do live in a country of scandals, that’s for sure, but today’s legislative session goes above and beyond that that. It’s a criminal act against Lebanon and the Lebanese. For how long will those criminal stay barricaded in their castles, councils and serails without questioning or accountability, while in fact they should be tried, convicted and thrown in prison?

  • Sawt Beirut International