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Sawt Beirut International news bulletin, 17 June, 2022

Hezbollah convicted of Hariri’s crime

Accusing members of Hezbollah of assassinating the martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and his companions is no longer surprising. The condemnation is firm, and no one doubts that the decision to assassinate Hariri came from the party’s leadership.

For example, does anyone believe that Hassan Merhi, Hussein Oneissi and Salim Ayyash took an unilateral decision to target the former prime minister? Of course, no one believes.

It suffices to remember that the Syrian-Lebanese security system was in control of all the joints of the Lebanese state, and that security was controlled to a large degree.

Therefore, it is difficult for anyone to imagine how three members of the Yellow Party decided on their own to liquidate Rafik Hariri! Then, if the party was innocent of Hariri’s assassination, would it not have been better for it to hand the accused over to the Special International Tribunal for Lebanon to take the necessary measures against them, so that he would acquit himself of crimes he not commit it?

From here, the party’s involvement is certain. Is it permissible, based on orchestrating a crime of this magnitude, for the party to remain defiant to any kind of justice? It may be said: How is the way to subject Hezbollah to justice when it is so powerful? The question is correct, but the answer is that the matter is the responsibility of the state and the political forces in Lebanon. After today, can it ally and cooperate with a party condemned for mass murder? Is it permissible for Hezbollah to rule in Lebanon after its practices were exposed at the international level?

From here the challenge is great, and the difficulties are greater. But whatever the difficulties, the end is clear: justice is not neglected in all cases, so what if the case was related to the assassination of a figure of the weight of Rafik Hariri, which led to the killing of the soul of a nation and the future of a people!

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