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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin -23 May 2021

-Who won and who lost in the new, old match staged at  UNESCO, and will Hariri apologize?

  • no solution to the drug crisis, pharmacies closing their doors and fake medicines pumped into the market
  • Home quarantine weighs heavily on children and causes physical and psychological harm

In the country of wonders and fiction, nothing is impossible and everything is permissible. Can you believe, for example, that the prime minister-designate, Saad Hariri, after his extensive and offensive speech at the Parliament, traveled again? Can you believe that Hariri, after holding the President of the Republic accountable for obstructing the formation of the government, was unable to stay in Beirut for one night? How do you want us to believe you, Mr. President-designate, and do you really think that you can overcome the difficult and intertwined political complexes by staying abroad? Or do you really believe what one of your followers said that your phone is in your “pocket” and that it is always on? Since when were the impossible and complicated state’s affairs solved via phone calls and WhatsApp? This does not mean that you are the only one responsible for the obstruction, as the responsibility of the President of Republic is no less than yours, and it is clear that he does not play the role required of him in this delicate and critical stage of Lebanon’s history, but at least he is in Lebanon and can “suggest” to those concerned that he is pursuing the necessary contacts while We know that he is adhering to his stances, and that he does not want the government to be born except according to his current interests and in accordance with the future interests of his son-in-law.

As a result, the Lebanese are stuck, and the government situation will remain “neither suspended nor absolute” until “Only God Knows” , so Alas, on a country governed by a system that only cares about itself and its interests and does not listen to the groaning, pain and sufferings of the people, and for a homeland that was a cemetery for invaders and became a graveyard for its citizens.

And is there still anyone asking why Archbishop Elias Aoude considered in his sermon today that we are living at a “madhouse”?