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Sawt Beirut International – news bulletin 26-3-2021

In tonight’s news bulletin :

A meeting in Baabda puts the activation of the resigned government on fire, so what does the constitution say?

A new scandal hits the National University, who is the beneficiary and who is held accountable?

Lebanon is entering the third wave of the Corona outbreak with the spread of the British strain

World officials are tired of Lebanon, they are tired for the tiredness of the Lebanese, while the officials of Lebanon are not tired and have not felt the tiredness of the Lebanese people, it is the irony of the last time rulers. While the whole year is preoccupied with the fate of Lebanon and the misery of its people, the conscience of our officials continues to fall into a deep sleep.

Ambassadors make tour of the presidential palaces and official and political headquarters, while the internal movement is almost cut short.

Are the countries of the world required to form our government in spite of us? Is it permissible for the world to care about us more than we care about ourselves?

The ambassadors of countries during their recent tours sent a clear and final warning to the Lebanese authorities, they considered that the exceptional situation required taking exceptional steps and forming the expected government as soon as possible, what was the result?

Nothing so far, noting that the information of “Sawt Beirut International” indicates that the countries concerned with the Lebanese issue have waived some of their conditions for forming a government, especially those related to the form of the government, and this is what the American ambassador expressed when she stressed in her statement from Baabda Palace the importance of the settlement.

The advanced step for Arab and Western diplomats was not reciprocated. Lebanese officials continued to follow a policy of pretending and circumventing calls issued to end the government crisis. Hence, the coming week may be decisive. The situation can no longer tolerate procrastination, it’s either the Lebanese officials take the initiative, or the Arab and international communities will regain the initiative, noting that the shape of the Arab and international action, its size or extent, were not been clear yet. Will our officials take a step before it is too late? Doubt is the master of the situation, because our officials are accustomed to guardianship, they cannot be masters of their decision and because they are accustomed to humiliation and dishonor, it is impossible for them to draw their people’s path of freedom and liberation.

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