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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – April 11, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

Loyalty in exchange for food, carpet cards, and stores of light sweep across the suburb.

Is the international conference different from Taif and Doha, and will it be the salvation for Lebanon?

On the outskirts of the blessed Ramadan, the corrupt system is in a coma and humanitarian campaigns are to help the needy.

In Lebanon, we are not only faced with two visions of the homeland. Rather, we are facing two states and two republics. The first state is the official state, the state of 1943, which was renewed in 1990 through the Taif Agreement, this umbrella state, which possesses both Arab and international legitimacy, is in the process of disappearing and disintegrating, the reason is that its men are losers, helpless, corrupt, and they are only concerned with sharing benefits and appropriating what remains.  It is a state that starves its people and subjugates them after the presidents, ministers and representatives have been persistent in stealing its goods for thirty years to this day without any oversight or oversight. It is a country that is subject to Arab and international political sanctions because of its ambiguous positions and its abandonment of its neutrality and its undeclared and timid accession to the axis of resistance led by Iran against the Arab countries. It is a country that is gradually emerging from the global monetary system because of its refusal to subject its institutions to the principle of scrutiny and accountability, which made international banks stop their dealings with their banks to a minimum.

And if we wanted to enumerate everything that this republic does in the rights of its people, the census would be long because failure and corruption have no end. On the other hand, there is another country that we can call the deep state, which is controlling Lebanon and controlling its iron grip over it. It is the state of “Hezbollah” that controls the political decision through its hegemony and its regional dimension, and it controls the military decision through its enormous military forces and security apparatus. This state also has its own financial cycle through the foundations of Al-Qard Al-Hassan and Jihad Al-Bina, and it has finally had its own food cycle through its cooperatives spread over Lebanese lands and through ration cards that it distributes to its supporters.

In the presence of two states, is anyone still asking why it is forbidden to form a government? Hezbollah continues to besiege the basic state and hastens its collapse while building its auxiliary state, waiting for the zero hour. Will our leaders wake up before it is too late? When will they realize that the real crisis is not related to an idle third, but rather with an idle country and idle leaders and leaders?

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