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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – April 17, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • After the popular support for Bkerki’s attitude, an upcoming Arab series of visits to Al Rah, any international conference soon?
  • Judge Aoun refuses to comply with the decision stipulating her dismissal from “important lawsuits”. An emergency judicial meeting held, Najem calling for a judicial uprising.
  • The Lebanese are deprived of enjoying the minimum, just like the joy of the Eid, due to food insecurity and the decline of the Lebanese pound.

Insanity, it is the only word that fits what Judge Ghada Aoun did yesterday and today. Usually, judge’s logic is the symbol of reason, prudence and justice. However, the Public Prosecutor of Mount Lebanon broke the rules, and switched Lebanese judiciary into a laughingstock. Is it reasonable for a judge to forcibly break into a private company building and pull out the doors, trying to break the lockers without holding any official document that allows her to do so? Is it permissible for us to hear this judge screaming at the top of her voice to give orders? Is it permissible for her to end her show by sealing the company’s building, while she is not eligible to do so?

Are we living in an asylum? Is it possible for a President of the Republic and a “Free Patriotic Movement” to support  Ghada Aoun’s behaviour, even if the matter comes at the expense of the remaining prestige of the judiciary and the credibility of the state? It was really unbelievable, until the Political Body of the Free Patriotic Movement issued a statement stipulating its continuous support to Aoun, even if in an indirect way, while calling for a Judicial reform in order to avoid any bad reputation to it.

As usual, the movement’s slogans are sweet, but what about acting accordingly? Isn’t the FPM aware that the Judiciary sector has never reached such a ridiculous stage in history? Shouldn’t the President of the Republic himself be held accountable for all what’s happening? Who gave Ghada Aoun all the support until it reached the limit of striking all laws and regulations? And who transformed Ghada Aoun into a puppet that he would manipulate the way he deems convenient and as he pleases to settle political and personal scores? And more importantly, who broke off the judicial formations and is still breaking them off for more than a year, as a favor and for the best interest of Ghada Aoun and similar officials? Of course, he is the one responsible, the strong President.

Dear FPM leaders, stop shedding crocodile tears trying to show concern regarding the judiciary, your failed era has led us to what we are living today, and remember that you can only rule the country insanely if you are stuck in the past, back to “The crazy Shanay” days.

  • Sawt Beirut International