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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – April 18, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • A judicial meeting to determine Judge Ghada Aoun’s fate and resolving options are challenging.
  • Excessive distribution of subsistence aid, Is it a humanitarian support or political exploitation?
  • Ministry of Finance imposes taxes on sports clubs, leading to a collapse.

The state of politics in Lebanon currently is similar to the weather, as the hot and dry air masses dominate, and the dust makes the vision unclear. The situation is similar in politics, because the hot debates arise, while confusion prevails at the present and the future. Judge Ghada Aoun’s rebellion against the judiciary exacerbates and complicates the situation.

The President’s team, who is unable to make any achievements, and who is rejected by the Arab and international community, is fleeing the bitter reality by inventing Don Quixote’s battles, deluding the public that they are the champions of change and reform. For this reason they secured the security and political cover for Mount Lebanon Prosecutor Ghada Aoun. It is clear that Aoun would not be able to do such practices if the President of the Republic and his team didn’t support her.

The covenant is trying to distract people from his absolute failure in managing the country’s affairs, but what it’s doing is unconvincing as the country is facing huge difficulties and have several dues. So where is the expected government that can help Lebanese breathe a sigh of relief? How will the covenant face the accumulated economic, social and financial problems?

Even the food security is under threat. The army’s food is also threatened, and has received food aid from Morocco to confront the tragic reality.

The crisis has shook Lebanon particularly hard, and the officials are in a total coma. Nevertheless, the President’s team insists on destroying what remains of the state’s institutions. So how can a covenant be strong when the institutions are weak and the country is on the brink of bankruptcy and collapse?!

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