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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – April 25, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Did Lebanon enter the golden triangle of drug smuggling, what does the supply corridors and Captagon manufacturing maps look like?
  • Pills’ makers are in their topmost activity, and the Lebanese-made chemical drugs are killing victims.
  • Pregnant women desperately need the Corona vaccine, so why the government does not prioritize inoculating this category?

Lebanon is trapped politically, economically, and financially, and besieged by the judiciary. The two politics who are responsible for our siege, are Saad Hariri and Gebran Bassil. The intense personal battle between the two men is almost burning everything around us. Each one of them wants his beliefs and opinions to be implemented in the government formation, and this is the reason behind the failure of having a real government from six months ago.

The country is under the threat of an economic collapse, and the sole party responsible of this situation is “Hezbollah” who made Lebanon a base of resistance rejected worldwide, and turned it into a platform for exporting drugs.

If Lebanon was previously the Eastern gate for the West and vice versa, it has been transformed with “Hezbollah” to a gateway for drugs to the East and the West. Congratulations for such a reluctance.

In the judiciary, the covenant, represented by Michel Aoun, encourages some judges to disobey their superiors and to rebel against the law. Yet the President of the Republic does not feel tired from repeating that he wants a state based on institutions and law. Does anyone believe in this slogan which is far away from truth and reality?

So, we are a besieged country, and sieges imposed are intensifying day after day. Is there still hope, or our country is rapidly moving to a total collapse?


  • Sawt Beirut International