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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – April 27, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Lebanon is “sliding towards the unknown”
  • Shocking movie-like details of the smuggling of Captagon pomegranates to Saudi Arabia.
  • Carcinogenic substances mixed with Beirut rubble threaten health and the “Environment” is watching.

Starting with politics then Security and Judiciary, the scene is dark and registers no improvement. Talks regarding the formation of a government turns a wild joke or a blatant lie that no one believes any longer. We are a government stuck between two difficulties. First, there is the President of the Republic who is awfully opinionated, and doesn’t find any problem with the absence of the government in the country. On the other hand, a Prime Minister-designate barely visits Lebanon, showing no enthusiasm towards resolving the governmental issue which is getting more and more complicated day by day.

At the security level, the situation has almost completely failed at the border crossings of all kinds, by land, sea and air. Lebanon, the country that used to export handicrafts, is now exporting Captagon pills and all kinds of drugs to neighboring countries. Lebanon is now recognized by many countries as a” failed state”.

Nevertheless, Lebanese officials are not tired of giving empty speeches, for instance, just as yesterday’s speech given during Baabda security ministerial meeting. The words that were delivered and the emotions that appeared in the statement did not seem to convince the concerned country, Saudi Arabia, which will not, in principle, retreat from the decision issued regarding blocking the import of Lebanese agricultural products, because our authorities till now have not investigated nor taken measures regarding the matter. Is it permissible for us to fall victim to Lebanese officials twice? One time for not controlling the borders, and a second time for not being able to take a decision that would restore and fix issues?

At last but not least, one should never forget the Judiciary updates, and here is the phenomenon of Ghada Aoun, the judge who switched her position into a laughingstock to serve the “Free Patriotic Movement” well. The judge who raided the building of Mecattaf company yesterday night, even after that Higher Judicial Authorities banned her from interfering in the case of the aforementioned company. So what is the reason behind the night raid of the Covenant’s judge? The Covenant’s pillars won’t rest before eradicating the last remaining landmarks of the Republic. At the end, they are in the service of the statelet “Hezbollah”, and is there anything that pleases Hezbollah more than the State collapse?

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