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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – April 28, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Capitol Control draft law again to Parliament. Will it protect depositors?
  • Scanners at the cross borders have been obstructed to legalize smuggling
  • Pollution is back to Qaraoun Lake, and the new victim is carp fishes

Once again, we returned to the infernal circuit. Political officials are on vacation, and the government has been abolished. The judicial whirlwind raised by Judge Ghada Aoun ha appeared, and turned out to be just a whirlwind in a cup.

Economically, the Lebanese pound continues to tumble, and the dollar continues its scary rise. But what sounds alarm is the information about lifting the subsidy on food products partially after the Holy month of Ramadan, and to be lifted completely end of May.

So, Lebanese are facing a difficult, imminent and dangerous dilemma, and what should the state do to confront it? The state’s performance obviously reflect its intention to escape from confrontation and responsibility.

In the constitution, the President of the Republic is not responsible in front of the Parliament for what is happening. He is alike the Queen of England were he owns, but does not govern.

On the other hand there are two Prime Ministers for the government, a Caretaker Prime Minister and a Designate Prime Minister, but who bears the responsibility? There is no answer for this question so far, according to the observers. Hassan Diab is conducting government business although against his will and considers that he is fulfilling his duty but politicians sold him at the first junction.

As for Saad Hariri, he considers that he did not handle yet his responsibility officially, and therefore he is not ready to take any step before entering the Grand Serail. Lebanese are stuck and lost between the two. So, will the price be losing the country?

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