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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – April 29, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • The son of a Hezbollah official is linked to the “King of Captagon” Hassan Duqo, what will the investigations reveal?
  • A new, old, raging battle between the owners of generators and both ministries of economy and energy, and the only victim is the citizen
  • Believe it or not, the persistent wear and tear in Lebanon drives Diab to seek a job in Qatar

A whole week has passed since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia discovered the hidden Captagon in pomegranate, and the scandal has not yet been addressed in depth. Of course, there is much talk about the state’s and security forces ’movement, but until now it is only a formal move and is only limited to one person, Hassan Duqo, whose title has become “the king of Captagon”. But presenting Duqo as a scapegoat for all wrongdoing will not convince anyone. Duqo ‎obtained the Lebanese nationality more than a year ago by a special decree issued by the President, for what reason? What great services did Mr. Duqo provide to Lebanon in order to be granted the nationality? More importantly, Duqo was not alone in what he was doing in Toufail, as he was supported and protected by two main forces, “Hezbollah” and the Fourth Division affiliated with the brother of the Syrian President Maher al-Assad.

Without this support, it would have not been possible for him to build a huge factory in Toufail to manufacture Captagon pills. Will the protector and supporter be ignored and only focus on the executive? In this case, does Lebanon hope that the Saudi authorities will believe that the Lebanese state has taken strict and decisive decisions to prevent the export of Captagon pills, and others, to the Kingdom and to all Gulf countries?

In parallel, the political situation is the same, Basil is in Moscow for one constant command, emphasizing that there is still a state that welcomes him, even if this state is the leader of the eastern camp. On the other hand, there is no apparent movement for designated Prime Minister Hariri. Meanwhile, information confirms that Hariri will visit Bkirki in the next two days, and that a surprising and unexpected step may follow, so will Hariri apologize for supporting the formation of the government?

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