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Sawt Beirut International – News Bulletin – April 2nd, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

-Lawyers Association is stuck between the central bank and ministry of finance disputes over forensic audit.

– A German rush to rebuild the port, will the pressure accelerate the formation of the government?

-Maamoul Al-Eid, authentic oriental sweets without a sectarian identity.

On Good Friday, everything suggests sadness in Lebanon, in politics, economics and everyday life,all horizons seem closed and all possible scenarios are gray, not to say melancholic.

In government, yesterday’s exaggerated optimism has already dispelled some of it today, the solution formula proposed by Walid Jumblatt and supported by Nabih Berri is still an orphan, without someone seeking to it market to the concerned groups.

Press information indicated yesterday that President Michel Aoun agreed to abandon the blocked third requirement in exchange for the Prime Minister-designate’s approval to abandon the 18-minister formula and replace it with the 24-minister formula, but so far, nothing confirms the agreement of both parties. In other words, the matter is nothing more than just media leaks that may or may not be true. Also, each approval may be related to specific details and matters that may limit the conditions, is there any research in these details? Knowing that the devil lies in the negotiations.

From here, matters are still in the stage of announcing intentions, no more, no less. Consequently, reaching the formation of the government requires contacts, discussions, consultations and decisions. Is it possible to do all these things while the prime minister-designate is outside Lebanon, even if his has his cell phone with him?

In parallel, the official abandonment of Lebanese sovereignty over the seas took a scandalous turn with the Lebanese Foreign Minister, who exonerated Syria in advance, stressing that the Syrian move did not constitute any assault on Lebanon’s sovereignty, and that the hype raised over the case is exaggerated. So is Charbel Wehbe the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon or the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Syria? Did he not feel compelled to be more royal than the king, or rather, an Assadist, more than the pillars of Bashar al-Assad’s regime? Dear Minister, do not forget your title, surname and responsibilities, and do not exaggerate in submitting your credentials to the “sister country”, and remember everything that the Syrian Regime did in Lebanon, restore its black history before giving it a blank deed of innocence.

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