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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – April 8, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

By running forward, the formation blockers responded to the French branding of sanctions

After money and weapons, the supermarket republic was born from the womb of Hezbollah

Isolating Lebanon from the global financial system threatens imports. Are officials aware of the risk?

Will European sanctions be the solution to the plot to obstruct the formation of the government? Is subjecting spoilers to it, is the last medicine? Anyone who listens to what was said between yesterday and today in Europe will notice that the language of threats prevails.

Yesterday, the French Foreign Minister announced that the coming days will be fateful, and that France is about to take measures against those who obstructed a solution to the crisis in Lebanon. Today, a French source affirmed that sanctions against Lebanese personalities are a serious option, and that there will be no problem with the European Union in Brussels.

The French source revealed that Paris will negotiate the names and sanctions and may impose an unofficial travel ban to Europe by preventing entry visas through the Schengen mechanism. If what the French says is achieved, this means that the coming days will truly be decisive in terms of forming a government. The desire to form a government has become an international desire, and the international move to end the impasse has acquired a very strong endeavor. On the direct line of the solution there are France, Europe, Russia, the Vatican, Egypt, the Gulf and the Arab League, and behind all these powers is the United States of America, which wants the French efforts to succeed and achieve their goals.

Will we be facing a new movement in the coming days that aims to get out of the state of government stalling, but rather aims to overcome the setback that the formation process suffered as a result of the fall of the Parisian visit to Gebran Bassil and the failure of his meeting with the Prime Minister-designate? The coming days will be able to answer this question, bearing in mind that the silence of Hezbollah does not suggest reassurance, as it indicates dissatisfaction and uneasiness. Moreover, the President of the Republic opened yesterday night the battle of criminal scrutiny within a popular media framework, indicating that the policy of refusing to recognize and bypass reality is still in control of the government.

So how long will our rulers continue to follow the forward escape policy, while the situation is rolling back every day, even every minute?

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