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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – April 9, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

Saad Hariri is an expert in suppressing the media, so did he throw the pen and use the weapon of repression?

Do consciences wake up to sign the amendment to the decree that preserves Lebanon’s right to its oil wealth?

After the United States, the European Union is brandishing the stick of sanctions against Lebanese politicians accused of corruption and oil transfers.

The government situation is first and foremost, because everything has fallen at once. The French initiative is reeling, if not, it has ended. The second visit of the Prime Minister-designate and the President of the Free Patriotic Movement to Paris was aborted before it was born. Governmental benevolence efforts by Nabih Berri and former MP Walid Jumblatt are frozen, the visits of the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States did not achieve any progress and were unable to make any breach. And because things are so complicated, it was natural for the dollar to return to trade between 12,700 and 12,775 Lebanese pounds. In this particular atmosphere, Paris is hinting at the game and its last card of European sanctions against Lebanese officials and leaders that it considers responsible or knowingly contributing to obstructing the formation of the government, will European sanctions succeed, as US sanctions have failed, at least so far? And more importantly, who will these penalties include?

Here two contradictory information emerges: The first is that the sanctions will be limited to the Free Patriotic Movement and its president, Gebran Bassil, and all those involved in their orbit, as for the second information, it confirms that the prime minister-designate will not be immune from sanctions, especially since Paris has not yet accepted how he has circumvented its initiative to bring him together with Basil, which led to the latter’s cancellation of his visit to France.

In parallel, the harsh message sent by the President of the Republic to activate criminal scrutiny, it still provokes more negative reactions, there are those who link it to open government warfare and that Aoun wanted to use it as a pressure card on some political parties. On the other hand, there are those who considered it unworthy of the President of the Republic, as he spoke about the issue as if he was not responsible or unable to do anything.

This is politically and economically. What is proven is that the harsh public criticisms that President Aoun directed against the Central Bank and the Lebanese banks negatively affected the global outlook on the banking sector in Lebanon, which led to the cessation of 4 major banks in the world from dealing with the Central Bank, is the goal of forensic audit the result to limit losses and strengthen the Lebanese monetary situation, or to contribute more and more by striking what remains of our banking sector and our nearly collapsed finance?

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