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Sawt Beirut International – News Bulletin, Aug. 17, 2021

A brief of tonight’s news bulletin:

  • Mikati, as usual, signals the arrival of a government… but the expatriates have already cut their holidays and left.
  • Al-Ahdab to Sawt Beirut International: Hariri invests in the blood of the Blast’s victims
  • Aoun writes to Parliament regarding the removal of subsidies. Bassil blames the Sunnis for his failure.

Is the formation of a government still a possibility? Mikati’s movement is clearly far from the political-security-economic reality. The pace of the time for accomplishing the miracle of government formation is still significantly slower than the pace of the daily developments three weeks after the designation. At the same time, people are suffering. And the dispersed people who miss their families in Lebanon will not enjoy their summer holidays there because they found that spending the summer in “Hell” is tough, if not impossible. Meanwhile, the country is on the point of collapse: there is no gasoline and no diesel. There is no electricity, so there is no medicine. There are no hospitals and no bread.

The humiliating lines are growing longer as the Prime Minister-designate keeps heading to Baabda Palace on a daily basis. Every day, there is more than one problem at a gas station, and Mikati speaks in lovely words about good intentions. Three weeks have passed since Mikati was designated, but no good news in the horizon. In brief, the regional and international green light for the formation of the government has not yet been granted. As a result, all that has occurred at the formation level thus far is only “childish actions” but rather “childish officials” who have never experienced responsibility. And how can they bear the responsibility when the Prime Minister tasked with forming a reform cabinet is one of the country’s most visible faces of corruption?

Is there anyone who believes Mikati, the hero of the housing loan scandal, can bring about reform? Is it true that, he who stole $500 from the pockets of every Lebanese, will fix the state’s financial situation? So, congratulations on such a reform.

  • Sawt Beirut International