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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin, Aug. 25, 2021

A brief of tonight’s news bulletin:

  • Is the postponing of Aoun Mikati’s meeting an apology or an opportunity for negotiations?
  • Nasrallah’s Iranian ship set sail, but did depart yet… now what political grounds will it rely on?
  • Saudi Arabia has lifted the travel ban on residents who have taken two doses of vaccination in the kingdom.

So far, no cabinet formation is foreseen. To those who inquire about the upcoming government, Baabda Palace departments respond, “There is nothing new yet.” Mikati’s crew, on the other hand, is fed up with delays and believes that time is running out. Mikati recognizes the gravity of the situation and avoids visiting the Baabda Palace. As a result, a mediator is being used to facilitate negotiations between him and the President of the Republic. Mikati wanted not to confront since he despised direct conversations and frequent and fast visits to Baabda Palace. Rather, the same dilemma arises again and again.

When will Mikati fully understand that what happened to Moustapha Adib and Saad Hariri will definitely happen to him, and that the Covenant team will not let him to establish a cabinet that first satisfies his desire and then fits the criteria of Former Prime Ministers’ team? Mr. Mikati, you’ve said a million times from the moment you were appointed that your task is time-limited and that you don’t want it to be open-ended and endless. Why don’t you take the risk now? Michel Aoun will not give up the blocking third, obviously. Is it possible for you to offer it to him? And, as you know, Aoun wants security and judicial control in the run-up to the legislative elections, which means he wants to have the first say in the Interior and Justice Ministries. Is it something you can accept? And you know that for the upcoming presidential elections, Aoun and his team will be looking for a submissive cabinet that they will be able to control.

Will you comply with Aoun’s demands? For these reasons, Mr. Prime Minister, go ahead, apologize and reveal all that happened from the moment of your designation till resent. The best solution now, is to apologize. Are you ready to take the next step, or would you rather be Saad Hariri number 2, Michel Aoun’s second victim?

  • Sawt Beirut International