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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for 18 September 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Do Gulf countries withhold confidence from the Mikati government?
  • How will judge Bitar bypass attempts to surround him?
  • The health sector is collapsing… What is the relationship between the emigrations of doctors?

“I am sad about the violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty”. With this sentence “emotional romance” Najib Mikati expressed his position on the entry of Iranian tankers into Lebanon. Mikati, who was speaking to CNN, did not announce any position from what happened. He did not denounce, nor did he say that he would summon the Iranian ambassador in Lebanon to deliver him a strong message of denunciation, nor did he reveal whether he contacted Hezbollah, denouncing the introduction of Iranian diesel. We are then facing a government of a different kind, and a prime minister who is different from all heads of government in the world!

Usually, logically speaking, and in reference to all historical experiences, the real official does not grieve over an act that constitutes a violation of the sovereignty of his country. Rather, he acts, and takes a practical decision, or… at least verbal stance.

But Mikati, the permanent beneficiary of Hezbollah to reach prime minister, can never take a position. Basically, he was not famous for taking positions and decisions in ordinary cases, so how about if it comes to his guardian and leader: Hezbollah? Worse, Mikati did not stop at this sentence, but added a truly historical phrase to it, as he stressed that there was no fear of sanctions against Lebanon because the operation took place in isolation from the Lebanese government. With this phrase, Mikati admits that Hezbollah, which is a participant in the government and its true godfather, does not care at all about looking after the government or its head, so it carries out its actions that violate local and international laws in isolation from the government. He also admits his inability, and that he is irresponsible in Lebanon.

Who cares about one thing and does not care about another. Is this the prime minister we have been waiting for so long? Sometimes he is sad and sometimes he cries, so what can we do for him to reach the age of political adulthood, and not keep crying like children?

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