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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Friday 27 August 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • The government marathon in the last few meters… Are we witnessing a formation or an apology?
  • Shocking immigration numbers…Why did the Lebanese lose hope in their homeland?
  • In light of the state’s inaction…Youth initiatives are born to confront both, transportation and fuel crisis

Mikati did not visit Baabda Palace, and the government has returned to the circle of tension again. It is the conclusion that can be formed based on what happened in the government yesterday and today. Mikati’s visit to the Presidential Palace was neither successful, nor decisive and did not achieve the desired goals. The incomplete government formation presented by the Prime Minister-designate to the President of the Republic did not bring the views closer between them, but on the contrary deepened the differences between the two parties.

Moreover, what happened at the judicial level regarding the port crime in terms of the investigation with the resigned Prime Minister Hassan Diab and the issuance of a summons against him, re-launched sectarianism and raised the political barricades again. A controversy raged between the club of former prime ministers and the Baabda Palace, which further inflamed the political scene, and put a brake on any attempt to form a government. So, the week that was said to be a decisive week ended without a decision, and the final government decision is postponed until next week.

According to the information, Mikati will not wait for more than the end of August to take his final decision. Will Mikati succeed in completing the difficult process, i.e. forming before Wednesday, or will the conflicts remain the master of the scene? The political, judicial, and economic environment surrounding the process of authorship suggests that authorship is moving away rather than approaching, and that things have become more difficult today. Will Mikati apologize and not assign someone to form a government and plunge the whole country into the unknown, and then we will reach the bottom of Hell?

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