| 10 December 2023, Sunday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Friday, January 7, 2022

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Marwan Hamadeh launches the most violent attack on Aoun, Bassil and Nasrallah
  • Will the petrol queues return in the new year
  • Unbelievable bills for generator, some require  fresh dollars

In a failed state anything is possible. And in a failed state, everything fell apart…even the compromises. The vacuum is what is required, and the absurd constitutional battles do not stop, while people are moaning and agonizing.

It is exactly our case in Lebanon today. Every thing has become a problem. And every action between the officials opens the door to endless problems. We could hardly be optimistic about the possibility of life returning to the constitutional institutions by opening an extraordinary session of Parliament and by inviting the Council of Ministers to convene, until it became clear to us that the matter was a lie, nothing more, nothing less. It is true that the House of Representatives may convene according to a different agenda between the first and second presidencies, but it is certain that so far there is no cabinet session.

Why? Simply because Hezbollah does not want that. The head of the government is “decapitated” on the session. Nabih Berri is not opposed in depth, and all political forces are as well. Only Hezbollah does not want to return to the cabinet table. The apparent reason: investigations into the crime of the port and the desire to hide the judicial investigator Tariq Al-Bitar. But there are deeper, more accurate and more dangerous reasons.

The party no longer wants the Lebanon we know. That is, Lebanon’s 1943 constitution and the Taif constitution. He wants another homeland, detailed according to his measurements, and according to the measure of the surplus power that he exercises in Lebanon and exercises in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Therefore, the deterioration of the situation is in his interest, because it leads to the death of the state of Taif and the birth of another state in which he is the sovereign ruler. Therefore, do not expect any positive step from Hezollah. There is also no meeting of the Council of Ministers. For this reason, too, we should focus on the parliamentary elections in May, so that Lebanon doesn’t remain Hezbollah’s victim.

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