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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Friday, July 16, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • The problems of Baabda, the house of the government center, excludes Hariri, and the citizens pay the price
  • The green currency is rising insanely, and fears of a security breach
  • Rotten meat invades Tripoli… The state does not move and the merchants have an absent conscience

In the political equation, Michel Aoun and the Free Patriotic Movement won the last round of the battle, while Saad Hariri and the Future Movement lost it. But the national equation is different from the political equation.

What will the Lebanese profit if Aoun and the Free Patriotic Movement win, while the lira lost about 3000 pounds in one day? And what would the Lebanese people benefit if Aoun and the Free Movement were victorious in an imaginary battle, while they are losing every day a realistic battle, the battle of facing hunger, poverty and destitution?

Accordingly, it is true that Hariri lost his battle with the Aoun and Bassil, but actually the duo did not win. His challenges are more than countable. Will the President of the Republic be able to conduct the binding parliamentary consultations that he aspires to, or will many forces boycott the consultations, crippling his ability to conduct them?

Assuming that he conducted the aforementioned consultations and assigned a new Sunni figure, will the person in charge be able to bypass the commissioning stage and reach the authorship? In this case, why what was forbidden to Hariri will become permitted to others, and last but not least, what if Aoun and the new prime minister-designate were unable to form a government? Do we remain without a government until the end of the covenant?

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