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Sawt Beirut International news bulletin for Friday, July 30, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Fire continue to erupt in Akkar turning its green woods into ashes, people struggling to contain it
  • Ministry of Finance excel in withdrawing fresh dollars from citizen’s pocket amid economic collapse
  • Destructive psychological disorders reappear to abolish Lebanese as the commemoration of the Port massacre approaches

It was expected that Najib Mikati’s third visit to Baabda Palace will not bring the desired result. The President of the Republic and the Prime Minister-designate didn’t concur on the political and sectarian distribution of the portfolios. The obstacle is mainly in the ministries of justice and interior. As we are in the election’s era, the covenant and the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) want to obtain these two ministries in order to be able to supervise and manage the Parliamentary elections. The Ministry of Justice also, through the judges, monitors and approves the process of announcing the results.

The two new old hurdles confirm that Najib Mikati’s situation will not be better than Saad Hariri’s or Mustafa Adib’s situation. The covenant and FPM are using the PM-designates to undertake the role of the prime minister, with the blessing of Hezbollah, which neither want government, nor oppose the failure of potential prime ministers.

So, contrary to what some believe, there is a great intersection of interests between the Covenant, FPM, and Hezbollah. Those who don’t believe should look back at Hariri’s experience. Hariri would not have stayed for nine months to form a government if Hezbollah had not sent him signals, that it will facilitate the formation process and pave the way with FPM, but it turned out that his signals were wrong, false and submissive. But Hariri has understood this reality too late after nine months.

As a result, Hezbollah wants two things: hitting the image of all the qualified names to head the government by obstructing the formation and beating the constitutional institutions. It converges in this with its ally who is fighting daily absurd battles against all political forces.

Between the daily battles of abolition, distraction, and faintness of sovereign forces, will Lebanon revive?

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