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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Friday, March 5, 2021

A brief of tonight’s News Bulletin:

  • Does the official platform respect privacy and protect personal data?
  • What stops the death spiral after such high suicide rates?

There is magnificence in Iraq, and a problem in Lebanon. The door of brotherhood and the message of peace in Iraq encourages an interfaith interaction culture. Even among the sons of one nation and even among the ministers of one government in Lebanon, there is no culture of discussion. Our environment is ruled by regression and degeneration. The system has complete control over the situation and the people, which is causing things to deteriorate slowly but surely. Meanwhile, the street is heating and will continue to heat as long as things remain the same, and the seriousness of what is going on in the street is that its direction and purpose are unknown.

The revolt of October 17 had a name. What happens on the ground every night is imprecise and confusing, and it has multiple goals and is directed to multiple addresses. In the process of forming the cabinet, the street anger is addressed with indifference. The formation process has been deepening its failure and bankruptcy day by day, with the Minister of Education’s announcement today that teaching will be on strike for a week because education is not a priority in Lebanon reaching a pinnacle of failure and bankruptcy. Is the Minister of Education’s action justified?! In general, the strike has been called against the government. The authority, on the other hand, is striking against itself. The Majzoub minister is furious with the Minister of Health, and had no choice but to strike in order to vent his frustrations.

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