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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Friday, November 5, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:
– Was Judge Bitar suspended from port’s investigations?
– Bahaa Hariri to Al-Qabas newspaper: The solution is by removing the hostile majority of Gulf and Saudi Arabia
– How did state institutions turn into a decaying corpse?
Let Tariq Bitar work..and let the judicial investigation take its course..and stop obstructing justice…this is the triangular cry, that every Lebanese who respects the concept of the state, should scream. A year and three months on the port bombing, and it is still unclear, and undetermined when the indictment will be issued. Is this normal? Let us remember that immediately after the occurrence of the unprecedented crime in the history of Lebanon, and the rare occurrence even in the history of the world, the political officials at the time, headed by Prime Minister Hassan Diab, confirmed that the truth will be revealed quickly and that the investigations will not be long, and announcing the facts will not take more than a week. Also, as soon as it was revealed that the investigation could include Minister Ghazi Zuaiter, the latter announced that he was under the roof of the law, and that he would give up his immunity voluntarily because he had nothing to hide. But the official’s promises vanished quickly, Hassan Diab, today, refuses to appear before the investigative judge, invoking a thousand reasons, and Ghazi Zuaiter evades the confrontation of the judicial investigator and basks behind flimsy immunities, that have no value compared to the victims’ blood. As for all other ministers and representatives, they are also evading. Is this the truth that politicians and officials want? Is it through claims of legitimate suspicion, response, and quarrels with the state and the judiciary, we can know the truth and achieve justice?
You, members of the corrupt and rotten political system: stop your dirty tricks. Stop your manipulation of people’s lives and destinies. Stop challenging public opinion. Stop your undermining of the victims’ lives, stop your indifference towards the wounded who suffered, and your indifference to the devastation that struck half the capital.
You, Irresponsible officials: stop your violation of norms and laws, and humbly go to the investigation. We know your history and what you did during your assumption of responsibility, so do not raise your heads so high, do not be arrogant, and do not suggest to us that you are above suspicion. All your history is full of deals, corruption and quotas. And as long as this is your history, how can your present and future be better?