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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Friday, October 15, 2021

In today’s news bulletin

– Sawt Beirut International examines the damages after Tayouneh’s incidents
– Why do the Shiite duo insist on playing victimhood role?
– How did Thursday’s scenes bring back civil war’s ghost, has anyone learned the lesson?

Has Najib Mikati’s government fallen apart? At first, the question seems strange, especially since the government’s lifespan is very short, as it has not finished its first month yet. But facts talk. Especially through wat happened recently, at the Council of Ministers, when the Minister of Culture, Muhammad Mortada, challenged his colleagues and the heads of the government and the republic, asking them to apply the law regarding the former minister, Ali Hassan Khalil, who an arrest warrant is isssued against him. What kind of minister is this, who brags for defying the law and at the cabinet core? Has it become a source of pride for the ministers to break everything that can build the state? We know that the President of the Republic upried against the fait accompli, hit his hand on the table, and announced the end of the session. But no one told us what the prime minister’s stance was, and no one said that Mikati rose up against what the Shiite duo’s minister Muhammad Murtada had said. What happened yesterday, was another blow to Mikati’s government. As The Shiite duo no longer want to attend the cabinet sessions, except by achieving three things: suspending Judge Tariq Bitar, bringing to trial those responsible for what happened yesterday in Tayouneh, and holding the security services accountable for negligence. So, will Najib Mikati bear the demands of the Shiite duo? And if he responds to these demands, what will the Arab and international community’s stance be towards his government? And if he does not respond, can the Mikati government continue without Shiite ministers? And thus, Mikati and his government are in trouble, so will the solution be to resign and return to the caretaker’s role, or go on with the tasks practice without resigning, and pass the time, waiting for what might happen?