| 26 February 2024, Monday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Friday, September 10, 2021

In today’s news bulletin
– Mikati after forming the government..I have the two-thirds, and going to the World Bank
– A formation positivity..The Lebanese “Lira” improved, and the dollar exchange rate has fallen
– Even the “thyme sandwich” was stolen by the state, from the child’s lunchbox.

After exactly thirteen months, the result wasn’t worth all this waiting. The government that the Lebanese had waited for so long, brought nothing new, nor did it present any different image from its predecessors. Being a political quota government par excellence, is enough, and that it differs completely from the French initiative, which stipulates in one of its clauses the formation of a government of independent specialists. Where are the independents in the government that was formed? Each political group set its share and fought long to get it. And after fierce wars that lasted for a year and a month, the quotas were finally fixed, and the government was formed.

It is a new tragedy added to the Lebanese tragedies. Is it reasonable for the country to be paralyzed for more than a year, for the sake of a specific ministry or portfolio? Is it reasonable that instead of forming a government of independents, a government independent of the independents is formed? What is worse, is that the long-running battle over the blocking third ended in principle, in favor of the Covenant and Gobran Bassil. Just by reading the names and checking them, it becomes obvious that the covenant team won the blocking third, and therefore, what Mustafa Adib and Saad Hariri did not give to Gobran Bassil, Miqati gave, to the spoiled son-in-law without any hesitation, and without any feeling of guilt towards the Lebanese who have paid dearly for not giving the blocking third, and here he is,  giving it up entirely, so easily.

So, through the government’s form and composition, and how powers are distributed, it becomes so clear that it is a government of “problem’s continuation”, because the powers it is formed by, are themselves the basis of the problem. Congratulations to the Lebanese for a government formed between two blades: Michel Aoun’s stubbornness and Najib Mikati’s evasiveness. So it is of no surprise for us to say : No confidence!