| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Friday, September 24, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

– Has the decision to overthrow Bitar started to be implemented?
– Macron renews his support for Lebanon and calls for reforms
– Are our roads ready for winter?

He who believes that the corrupt political system will ever accept building a state of law in Lebanon, is in complete illusion. It inevitably prefers the law of the jungle and the barbarism of the jungle over all man-made laws and written constitutions. And whoever thinks for even a moment, that the corrupt political system wants to build a real state, is in complete illusion. The non-state, the clan mini-states, the sectarian farms, and the doctrinal reserves are its ultimate desire and final goal. And whoever is still suspicious, let him follow closely what is happening with the judicial investigator, Tariq Bitar. As soon as Bitar approached the corrupt system and claimed some of its figures, resentments and denunciations were all over the place. The system’s various pillars who were fighting over the shares, forgot suddenly all their differences, threw them aside, and agreed on attacking Judge Bitar. Hezbollah, Amal Movement, the Future Movement, the Marada Movement and other forces of the authority, decided that Bitar posed a threat to them and on their existence, so they decided to get rid of him. Hassan Nasrallah questioned his performance.

Wafiq Safa visited the Palace of Justice threatening Bitar. Youssef Fenianos accused him of legitimate suspicion, and Nohad Al-Machnouk requested his dismissal from the lawsuit. And the Future Movement went a step further, and demanded changing the laws as a condition for trusting the investigation! In parallel, the voices of clergymen from different sects rose, calling for woe if Bitar is to question certain personalities.

Can states be built with such mentalities? Who gave the spiritual sanctuaries, who we respect and dignify, the right to draw “red lines” around defendants? Gentlemen, you either want a state, or you don’t. If you do, declare explicitly that you trust the Lebanese judiciary, and let Tariq Bitar do his job, and if you don’t, declare so as well.  And then we will be in a state of non- judiciary, and a,,, Republic destined by fate!!