| 26 November 2022, Saturday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin, for June 1, 2022

Change is not rhetoric

If those who call themselves changers and independents among the nation’s new deputies know what they did yesterday, during the sessions of electing the Speaker, his deputy, and secretaries, then this is a calamity, and if they do not know, the calamity is even bigger. Now is not the time for sending messages through white papers or for awful compromises, because the system that controls the necks of the Lebanese knows how to benefit from every mistake or miscalculation made by its opponents.
What is worse, is that the representatives who claim to confront the ruling authority used the people’s authorization, far from its contents and objectives, and instead of cutting off the prevailing practices, starting with yesterday’s elections, they reinforced it with their dispersal and cleverness.
The fear is that yesterday’s logic will extend to the legislative and oversight role of the Parliament, and the upcoming entitlements, starting with the election of committee heads and members, through the assignment and formation, and the election of a new president of the republic.
Gentlemen… Battles are not won by rhetoric, the future is not made by abstract theories, and change is achieved by commitments coupled with a clearly defined and achievable roadmap.I