| 26 November 2022, Saturday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for June 11, 2022

Gebran Bassil: White day or black file?!

In Baabda, it is the day of the black file. What is meant here is the file that Prime Minister Najib Mikati carried to the Presidential Palace and includes maps, coordinates and information related to maritime demarcation. Why did Mikati choose the black color? Nobody knows. But what is certain is that the blackness in Lebanon includes almost most of the files.

The electricity file, for example, is no less dark, with almost certain information indicating that Lebanon is threatened with complete darkness starting in the middle of summer. Welcome to the tourists in the country of no electricity! The fuel file is also distinguished by its dark color.

The gas canister is rapidly approaching the 700,000-pound ceiling, and the entire sector is suffering as a result of the state’s confusion and the failure to adopt a clear policy. All of this is happening, while the dollar continued to rise and exceeded the ceiling of twenty-eight thousand pounds. So, all the files are black in Lebanon, and all the Lebanese know this, except for one person: Gebran Bassil.

Bassil is busy and distracted and interested in only one file: forming a government. His goal is to achieve two things: personally taking over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and entrusting the Ministry of Energy either to someone close to him or to the Free Patriotic Movement.

Are we able to move from a black file to another black file because Gebran Bassil does not want Lebanon to live a white day unless he achieves his ministerial dreams, and perhaps the presidency by reaching his biggest goal: the presidency? Then there is a truth upon Lebanon peace!!


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