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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for June 14, 2022

Will demarcation file go back to zero?

Hochstein is now the big event …in Lebanon, of course! Everyone here is watching his performance, his actions and his movements. As for him, he was quite clear, as he confirmed that he had nothing new, but rather that he was waiting for the Lebanese answer, to a proposal he presented last February. According to the information, the expected answer came, albeit late, but it was not a written answer, but an oral one. And it was not just a simple answer, but turned into an integrated proposition. What is important in the proposition is that it is realistic and practical, based on Line 23 and not on Line 29, and in turn includes a Lebanese insistence on benefiting from the entire Qana field in return for Israel benefiting from the Karish field. And thus, Lebanon did what it was supposed to, even if belatedly, and threw the ball into the Israeli court. The hope is that the Israeli answer will not be delayed as the Lebanese answer and proposal were! But the information, so far at least, confirms the opposite. As Hochstein will return to the region next week, bringing to Lebanon the Israeli answer. Will Israel accept the Lebanese proposal, so that Lebanon will enter a new era at the economic level? Or will the negotiations not achieve the desired results, so we go back to point zero again? The hope is that Israel will accept the Lebanese offer, because going back to zero is very costly, for a people and a state that has become below zero!

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