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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for June 18, 2022

Bassil’s endings aren’t similar to Bassil’s Beginnings!

Will he assign Mikati to form a government next Thursday, or will the consultations be postponed for one reason or another? In principle, the consultations were postponed for more than a month for an obvious reason, which is the consensus on authorship before the assignment. But all indications so far confirm that the authoring consultations have not yet reached their happy ending, and may not reach from today to Thursday.

Then, the “palace legislator” will prepare a statement in classical classical Arabic in which he postpones consultations for reasons he puts out without demand, even if they do not convince anyone! It is clear that there is a “Mikatian – Bassilian” problem that has not yet been resolved. Bassil knows that Michel Aoun will leave the Republican Palace at midnight on the 31st of October. He also realizes that he will lose at least half of his strength once the president leaves Baabda with him.

Therefore, he is “doing everything he can” in his battle against Mikati to obtain an important qualitative and quantitative ministerial share. He also “does what he can” to form a government that will allow him to make administrative appointments in which the Free Patriotic Movement will have the lion’s share. That is why we see him attacking Mikati in a blackmailing manner, with clear premises and specific goals. Will Bassil succeed in blackmailing Mikati?

So far, the parameters of failure are much more than the parameters of success. Gibran Bassil at the end of the covenant is not as Gibran in its beginnings.

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